Our Clients Say

Judith has been supporting me in my business for about 10 years now. She is very approachable and she understands what a small business owner needs in terms of information and support. I’ve found her advice on taxation to be invaluable – in terms of what I can and cannot claim. She has often made suggestions around things I have forgotten to include and she has talked me through how to work out all sorts of financial details which I haven’t naturally thought of! Judith is always prompt in her replies to my enquiries and I feel so well supported by her. In addition, Judith has helped me think through what could happen structurally in terms of my business and what that would mean in terms of taxation and earnings. We’ve talked through how best to grow my Super and she’s given me very sound advice about the best way to go with that – and with the unusual situation of how to manage the Super I have abroad. I am so grateful to Judith. She has always gone above and beyond in terms of explaining things to me – in her patient and caring way – and leading me through what I need to do.

She’s an amazing accountant, an amazing support person and an amazing woman.

Karen Lowe

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